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This website is built with .NET and SQL Server technology. Complete Object Oriented Programming (OOP) has brought us a long way from the FORTRAN and ECAP routines I remember running on a PDP-10, or my WildCat BBS before the Web. My language preference is C#, but of course we can't live long without JavaScript, XML, T-SQL, and versions of HTML. BTW, this text is dynamic, being summoned from a database as the page renders. I can login and change it from a browser anywhere in the (wide) world!

Ham Related

Ham Radio is more that a hobby. It's a way for people to contribute to society. Hams are characteristically motivated in this way. Technology is fascinating, but I really like associating with people like these.

IARU - 2008

Section Leader!

497 QSOs and 79 Multipliers was enough to take 1st place in the Michigan Section as a Single Operator, Morse Code only, Low Power station.

This was the only time I've ever worked a contest as myself. I've always worked under a club call. This year, for instance, I worked the IARU with a couple friends as W8ZHO. Together, we logged 547 QSOs on four bands, with SSB and CW. You can see more about that event by clicking on this link: IARU - 2009

Amateur Radio - Not

Of course, life extends beyond Amateur Radio