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Zeeland Schools Amateur Radio Club

The Zeeland School's Amateur Radio Club, W8ZHO began in fact, with a grant from the American Radio Relay League, as reported in the Holland Sentinel on March 12, 2007.  

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We set the radio up temporarily on March 3, for the November SS contest. The picture below of three students, participating in the event, was used on our QSL card. For this operation, we strung a G5RV antenna between tall stepladders on the roof.





We still didn't have a permanent station location in May, but we conducted a special event at Windmill Island during the Tulip Time Festival. This event was published in QST and gave the students lots of action on the microphone.

TV-13 came out and interviewed some of us. You can see a pretty rough copy of the TV interview: by clicking here.




Here we are at the Holland ARC Super Swap in October. We still didn't have our own permanent station hooked up, but that didn't stop us from getting on the air. We had a G5RV outside for HF, and the 4-el quad for 2m FM. 





This is one of four supports for the HF antenna, a 160m loop, above the new radio station. The school required that the supports be free standing, not guyed or fastened to the building in any way. We used stainless steel welding wire for the radiator, mainly because we had a surplus from an earlier donation to the school's metal shop. It worked great. 

Here is our first operation from the new station location. Notice how we terminated the antenna feeds: 160m loop and 2m vertical.