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This is me with Michelle and her mom and dad. This picture was taken in 2004, the year we were married.

Michelle's dad, Bob Martin, is a retired veterinarian. He is all about the outdoors. He has a cabin on the PM River, where he enjoys fly-fishing and turkey hunting. He travels out west for fish and birds, too. Michelle has gone with him to Montana and to South Dakota. I have gone wading with the both of them, too; a new and very cool experience. You won't be able to feel the cold water forcing against your legs, or hear Mother Nature, but to glimpse the beauty, Click Here.

Both Michelle's parents are very good golfers. If you play golf, they've probably beaten you at one time or another. They are both musically inclined, too. Michelle's mom, Jackie, sings in the Chamber Choir. Her dad sang to her, "Daddies Little Girl" at our wedding reception.

This is my "family of origin". At about the time of this picture, my dad wired up battery operated straight keys for Morse code in this two-story house for my twin, Jim, and I to play with. I remember that I memorize all the alphanumeric characters by looking at a book (definitely not the best way to learn Code) but immediately dropped the activity after reaching that goal. It was a difficult way to communicate; not practical for distances measured in feet.

In 1991 I saw a guy sit down with an iambic key and zip through a two-way chat with someone on the other side of the horizon. I thought *that* was too cool, and I had to learn how to talk with my fingers like that.   

Click here to see a brief QSO during a contest (I labeled the video wrong and haven't yet corrected it: it was a November SS, not a DX context.)

Here is a picture of Michelle. She works as a therapist for Harbor Psychological Associates. (I get free therapy!) Michelle has lived in Oregon and then in Minnesota for years. I'm glad she came back to Michigan so that I could meet and marry her.

Michelle is very talented artistically. She was a renowned theater director and performer. She sings and plays the piano. She's good at painting and drawing, too. Please click on this link to see a pencil drawing of hers from the 1990's. It hangs, now, in our house.

Michelle has always loved horses. I doubt that there's a better taken care of horse anywhere, than her horse Dusty. She also loves her dogs and cats. And her gardens surround our house in an ever changing blase of color, like a fireworks display. Click here to watch one grow through the year.

She is absolutely amazing with yarn. She turns out the most incredible sweaters, and all sorts of other things, non-stop.

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