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     This page will show a bit more that the usual DX type online log. A typical online log will ask for your callsign, and then will respond with the various entries it finds, matching your input. We'll offer that first:

     Your Callsign

     Of course, I am not a rare DX operator. Nobody is going to spend time hoping they made it into my log. In that case, there is no practical use for this online log. (If someone actually was interested in verifying a QSO, a county hunter perhaps, they would probably have a LoW account and get their valid QSL there.)

     However, I might want to show off how many different countries I've worked, for which I have valid QSLs. That information could be shown below.

     Number of DXCC Entities Worked: 282

Number of DXCC Entities Confirmed: 275

       If, for some reason, you want to view my entire log, you can do that here. However, with only a few exceptions, I have entered only contacts after January 2004.