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Tower and Loop

ITT-Technical Institute Amateur Radio Club

The ITT-Technical Institute Amateur Radio Club, K8ITT was a revised station, following the defunct KC8QYK station. When I arrived in 2001, The 70' tower was in place, and a lot of equipment was in storage. I did the work relocated the station from its previous (small) room, added the HF amplifier, ATV station, digital station, 6m antenna, 160m loop antenna, and repaired the satellite antennas. At the left, you can see one corner support for a 160m loop antenna.    

Ladder on mast

If you look closely, you will notice a stepladder strapped to the mast, above the tower. This is how I was able to work on the satellite antennas, and replace the 2m/440 vertical.

Whoever installed them originally had the altitude ranging from straight down to straight up. Funny. I mean, satellites are useless below the horizon.

You can see more pictures by taking the "Albums" link from the top of this (or any) page.


G R Press Photo

That's me on the tower. The Grand Rapids Press took this photo and printed it. I thought they'd rather use one of me standing on the ladder. The photographer preferred this one - he took it from his car, before I even knew he was there. 

I lowered the tri-band beam to make room for the 6m Yagi. It was a tight squeeze, getting all those antennas working on such a short mast. At first, the satellite antennas would get hung up on the 6m antenna.  All the feed lines were restrung, with new lightning protection.



This is after installing the HF amplifier. I'm showing an electronics lab class what the station can do. It sure is nice to have a directional antenna, a good tuner, and lots of power.





These two students became good friends of mine. Paul KB8RFX already had his license. Sean got his while attending ITT-Tech: KD8APE.

Sean is working on the multi-mode digital TNC. The gear had been stored from previous years, but Sean had to find the manual on the Web.







While Sean was working on the TNC, Andy KD8AUO worked on our new ATV system. Andy also got his license while attending ITT-Tech.



Mile Long Ant 

Here's Paul. He's working on the gama-match and feedpoint connectors on the 440 MHz satellite antenna. The thing had a very narrow passband at best, but had also been damaged in previous years. (I'm always surprised how big antennas are once you get them down on the ground.) 



CW Contest 

This is me. I'm just settling in for a 24 hour CW contest: the November SS / Collegiate Championship. Whenever I do this, I swear I'll never do it again. It's hard going to work on Monday with that code still resounding in my ears. I'm always exhausted and depressed because my score isn't as high as I'd hoped it would be.


Phone Contest 

Here we are a couple weeks later, for the phone part of the same competition. This is more fun for me. I can just hang out and support the troupe.

Phone DX 

A lot more students are able to participate in the phone part. I like that better than playing all by myself.






I only step in on the microphone when there's an opening. I like getting through the pileup, and helping with my ears. It gets pretty confusing with all the racket that goes on in the SS contest.


Field Day 

What would be the sense in having a radio club if you don't set up and compete during Field Day? I was really impressed with this club. They did all the preparation. I was in Canada until the morning of Field Day. I rolled in on my bike and found that these brand new, never-done-a-Field-Day novices were ready! What fun!!



Field Day ATV 

Sean linked our computers, so that we were all writing to the same log. (What would you expect from a student at a technical college?)

He was focused on digital and ATV.




FD Generator Problem 

These guys didn't know it yet, but generator breakdowns are a necessary ingredient to a well formed Field Day.




Field Day Rain 

And so is rain. I have operated several Field Days now, and every one has a small cloud burst. Never bad. Just enough to get you thinking.



Field Day CW 

I'm doing what I like best: low band CW with my trusty IC-735.



Field Day ATV again 

Sean made his digital and ATV contacts, just as he hoped.


In all, the K8ITT club was everything I would want in a college ARC.