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Spiked Flail

Prove *this*!

I had an idea for a metal shop project, but it wasn't clear how to arrange the spikes. The first attempt was pretty crude, and is not shown here. The key was to use actual math. Take the link below to find the solution.   

So.. what else can I say to use up all this space? I guess I could change the layout of this page, but that's a hassle, and I probably wouldn't like it anyway. In fact, I tried that last week. I made the pictures bigger and the text column smaller. I had to make changes to the *.css page and to the *aspx page, but I never did find how to change the background shading in the picture column. I put that off because I wanted to get something working here at least. But I'll return to it later - I will prevail. But for now.. I'll just ramble on so that it's clear that more will follow.. like more pictures below this one. I mean.. nobody will really *read* this, I'm sure. 

Click here for the math and then for the actual project.

Here is a proof that any paraboloid will work as a reflecting antenna, focusing incoming rays which are parallel to the axis of symmetry to a point. I am rather proud of it.

More to come...