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New Antenna Design -
A Successful Alternative to the Cubical Quad


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While trying to reduce the cost of my longtime favorite, the cubical quad, I fashioned the antenna you see at the left. Cost savings were significant, but I found other advantages. Surface loading, weight, and peak stresses to the boom are all lower than with a conventional quad, while performance is better! 

I think that this antenna design idea will really catch on. The underlying principle is simple, but the results are profound. (Patent pending.)

Since hams are, by nature, do-it-yourselfers, I expect many will want to experiment and build their own with no more than the basic ideas presented in this, and in my other online articles.

For those who value convenience, I set up a Web site to supply pre-cut and tuned antennas. For others it offers experimenter kits with plans that are sufficient to guide a builder through the decision process of cutting, tuning, and assembling their own antenna. Plans for these kits are also available separately. The plans eliminate much of the guesswork involving the magnitude of the dielectric effect, parasitic element length, and spacing.

Visit www.ezoantennas.com for more information.

For a fun climb up my tower, you can check out a YouTube video by clicking here.