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Project: Spiked Flail

Andrew Cooper found the paper I had with all the calculations.
He persuaded me to let him make the flail.
I didn't know how he would go about it, but I agreed to let him try.

He started out by making the "cookie cutter".
(First, he tried my idea: using sheet steel, but he didn't like the results.)

Here he is, locating the nodes of the pentagons.

Here's the ball part. It looks pretty rough right now.
This wasn't easy to make.

He made the chain, too. His handle is quite heavy.
He made a steel shaft with threaded caps to hold the wooden sleeve.

He made the very attractive shield plaque in the wood shop.

Here's a close up. He made one of the spikes extra long and threaded the end, to
mount the ball to this plaque. He also made the U-bolts that hold the handle and chain.

Here's a little closer view. Nice job, Andrew!